Colorado Snowboarding – Snowboarding in Colorado


Snowboarding, which was on one occasion a major course for insurgences in garb and feat among the youngsters, had now become a mainstream activity. Shred Betties and teen guys in the late 80s and 90s who took up Snowboarding are now riding with their kids. In fact, several rider parents enroll their children in special Snowboarding programs, which normally cover three years of lecture and actual riding practices. According to surveys, parents who are snowboarders themselves would want their kids to start riding instead of Skiing. It was also reflected on Colorado statistics and surveys that wannabe snowboarders enrolling for classes range from 3 to 60 years old, with women in their late 20s and 30s forming one of the largest groups.

Snowboarding, or riding as frequently called by people engaged in the sport, agreed that their addiction is all about pleasure on ice. Performing a corkscrew 540 in a pipe, cruising downstream a groomed slope, or sliding over a tabletop in a park would only be a few of the cool ways to release their enjoyment of Snowboarding.


With the growing Colorado population engaged in Snowboarding, resorts with terrain parks and pipes became more prevalent. Beginner snowboard classes for those desiring to learn freestyle or freeride are also provided. Colorado is also rich in hosting both amateur and top pro and Olympic riders competition. Snowboarding, like Skiing, has several different styles of riding which include the smooth riding maneuvers. The freeride is an all-mountain activity, which includes riding on slopes, on trees, down the steeps, and even through the moguls. Freestyle, on the other hand, with its growing popularity in Colorado, entails snowboarding in a pipe or in a park, which is filled with fun boxes, rails and other unique riding features. Both freestyle and freeride riding are forms of Snowboarding. Conversely, Alpine, the Colorado race riding, is principally a competition.

Colorado terrain parks are currently rising in number compared to moguls on a steep slope carved by freeriders on twin-tip boards following a two-foot snowstorm. Newly built parks are likewise designed to cater to particular skill levels of riders. There are beginner parks, which have specialized tiny rails surrounding the ground. Roller coaster rails, tabletops, and fun boxes are also available in huge parks for advanced riders.


Nationwide, Colorado has a reputation as a home of Snowboarding. This proliferating status could be well-proven when the state had been selected to host riding events like the Outdoor Life Network’s Winter Gravity Games in Copper Mountain and the ESPN’s Winter X Games in Aspen.

Eventually, several major resorts and even smaller ones held amateur competitions, which include the Breckenridge’s Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge and the Copper Mountain Snowboard Series-Superpipe Competition. There is also the SOS Outreach Series, which consists of 15 competitions for snowboard amateurs from all over Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Steamboat Springs, and Buttermilk.