The Best Snowboarders of All Time


Although it’s a sport you can enjoy in just one season, snowboarding is quite the sport. There’s something calm about getting on your board and gliding through mountains of sport. Add a bit of obstacles on the path and you have an interesting sport.

Despite being a winter sport, it’s a sport that has thousands of followers and inspiring snowboarders. That’s why several platforms cover snowboarding. These platforms enable fans to tune into their favorite events via various devices. Some of these platforms happen to be online sportsbooks.


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Since snowboarding is an inspiring sport, there have been a few inspiring snowboarders over the years that have earned the title of the best. Here are some of them:

The Best Snowboarders Of All Time

Shaun White


When you’re talking about snowboarding legends, then Shaun White will definitely pop up in the conversation. He’s been the champion of several Winter X games and has snagged some Olympic medals in his career which goes to show you his skill with a board on a snowy surface.

White has been an Olympian five times and has won the gold medal on three occasions. White was a child prodigy, and his skills were taken cognizance of when he was fairly young. As a young child of barely nine years, White befriended a professional skateboarder Tony Hawk.

However, skateboarding was not his first love, and he was initially fascinated with skiing. It was only later in life that White realized where his true calling lay, and he started skateboarding as a professional.

Of all the achievements that White has had in his illustrious career, the Winter Olympics of 2006 was the most dramatic. After a slow start in the qualification rounds, most people had expected that White would not be able to leave a mark in the event. However, in the third round, he scored an impressive 46.8 points out of 50. With this event, people realized White’s extraordinary talent and the fact that he would be one of the greatest legends in this sport.

In other words, he’s an icon in the sport despite his unusual nickname. So don’t be surprised if you hear about the Flying Tomato being a skilled snowboarder because they’re referring to White.

Chloe Kim


Another legend in the world of snowboarding is Chloe Kim. The fact that distinguishes her from other legends is that she was the youngest woman to have won an Olympic gold medal. Chloe did so at the age of 17 at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

In fact, Kim has been an achiever all through her snowboarding career. Even before winning the Olympics, she had won the Winter X Games 2014. She was too young to participate in the Winter Olympics that took place in Sochi. So she gave the Winter X games a try and surprised everyone with a remarkable performance.

She is the only female snowboarder who has defended her gold medal at the Winter Olympics by winning it in two consecutive Olympic seasons. With her victory at the 2022 Winter Olympics, Kim has cemented her position as a skateboarder with great potential.

Kim does not rest on her laurels because she’s always looking for a new feat to master and a new trick to perform. Chole has an impressive career in front of her, and with such a head start she’ll continue being a legend in the sport.

Jeremy Jones


Much like Shaun White, snowboarding was not Jones’ first love, and he had been a professional racer for quite some time before he started snowboarding in the mountains of Alaska. Jones was nominated by National Geographic for the Adventurer Of The Year award for the year 2012.

However, Jones is most revered for his efforts at conserving the environment and fighting the effects of global warming. In the year 2007, he founded a nonprofit organization by the name of Protection Of Our Winters. This organization aimed to unite all the snowboarding legends and leverage their voice in spreading the message of combating global warming.

As a dedicated environmentalist, Jones has given up the use of helicopters for hiking. He has chosen hiking as a sustainable way to ace the mountainous slopes every time he embraces the mountains.

Jones loves sports and has contributed to conserving nature, but he also has a thriving acting career. Jones has starred in over a dozen films and even tried his hands at directing a few of them.

Travis Rice


Travis Rice is another amazing snowboarder who has managed to etch his name in history. He is known for his freestyle skills and he’s shown prowess when it comes to big mountain riding.

Rice’s professional snowboarding career started in 2001. Post that, he has grabbed people’s attention at various events and has also been selected as the National Geographic Adventurer Of The Year.

The best thing about his skill is that he’s not only known to snowboarding fans only, but he’s also shown his skills in several films. Another thing that sets him apart from other fellow snowboarders is his passion for exploring uncharted territories and setting new records in the world of snowboarding. This is why Travis Rice is one hell of a snowboarder.

Final Words

Whether it’s the exploring skills of Travis Rice, the attitude of Chloe Kim, or the legendary prowess of the Flying Tomato, snowboarding has produced several legends across the years. And the most inspiring fact about all these athletes is that they have had varied interests, and each one of them has influenced and inspired many.

These individuals will continue making leaps and bounds in the world of sports and inspiring future generations to pick up a snowboard, get on it and balance themselves as they move through the snow.