Skiing VS. Snowboarding


Skiing VS. SnowboardingSnowboarding is a sport that involves riding on a board that is attached to the rider�s feet by means of a pair of Snowboard Bindings connected to the Snowboard Boots, and sliding down a slope covered with snow. Somehow, Snowboarding is similar with Skiing only that it is enthused with skateboarding and Surfing techniques. Snowboarding, or riding as commonly termed, was developed in the 1960s and the 1970s in the United States. Years after in 1988, Snowboarding became a Winter Olympic Sport. At present, Snowboarding is a rapidly growing convention.

Snowboarding and Skiing are similar in several ways. One gauge would be the downhill experience of immeasurable hours of pleasure and excitement. On the other aspect, these two sports also have several differences. One would be that Snowboard riders frequently have to be seated or put forth energy to maintain on edge while at a stop, unlike in Skiing which makes use of poles to aid the skiers in moving uphill or downhill and to serve as support when in upright position. Snowboarding is also a lot easier on the knees as compared to Skiing. For the record, knee accidents and injuries are mostly on Skiing. However, Snowboarding could be more dangerous on the wrists compared to Skiing.

If one is looking for nothing else but speed, it would be surprising to learn that given a rider and a skier, both of the equal ability and expertise on their sports � in terms of velocity, Skiing beats Snowboarding. Comparing speed records and statistics, skiers will be faster than riders.

Moreover, in terms of learning, anticipate backside pains and literally eating snow during the initial stage of Snowboarding, unless as a beginner the rider would invest in several lectures and basic maneuver practices. But then, it could be said that Snowboarding could be learned more easily than Skiing, as many skiers have advanced greater in their Snowboarding trials than they did with their early learning Skiing stage.

Snowboarding and Skiing are both exciting and popular winter activities. Each offers a different kind of snow experience, so whether you ride or ski down the slopes, Snowboarding and Skiing can provide the adrenaline rush and the adventure that you will surely look forward to every winter sport season.


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