What Type of Snowboard Boots should I Choose: Boa or Lace? – 2023 Guide

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When the winter arrives, many of us love to look at the snow, descending upon us from the heavens. While some enjoy the snowfall, many people have found another recreational activity for themselves.

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RefrigiWear Mens Waterproof Anti-Slip Extreme Pac Boots with Boa Fit System For Lacing (Black, Size...
Rossignol Pure Comfort 60 Ski Boots, Women, White Grey, 23.5
Don't Miss
RefrigiWear Mens Waterproof Anti-Slip Extreme Pac Boots with Boa Fit System For Lacing (Black, Size...
RefrigiWear Mens Waterproof Anti-Slip Extreme Pac Boots with Boa Fit System For Lacing (Black, Size...
Also Consider
Rossignol Pure Comfort 60 Ski Boots, Women, White Grey, 23.5
Rossignol Pure Comfort 60 Ski Boots, Women, White Grey, 23.5

Snowboarding is a fun-filled yet competitive sport that involves going down a snow-covered slope. From being a pleasurable activity to being a part of the Winter Olympics, snowboarding has gained immense popularity over the years.


Though it sounds fun and exciting, you should be prepared thoroughly for snowboarding. The snow can be pretty harsh to deal with, along with the varying terrain from one location to another. So plan your list to gain the best experience without chills running down your spine. To help you, here is a list of things that you will require in your quest.

Snowboarding for Beginners

The first time for anything can be scary and exciting. It also is often confusing. Some doubts run through your mind: will you enjoy it? Is it too arduous? Should I buy expensive or cheap gear? Does the type of my snowboard affect my performance? What kind of snowboard boots should I get? Does the gear quality affect learning and progress?

We understand these questions and hope you find an answer to each one of your queries. In this post, we will help you comprehend one of these questions. Which snowboard boot should you choose?

Snowboard Boots

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Like every other sport, snowboarders require special boots for their sport. These boots are necessary to provide the appropriate ankle support and binding fit. They help transfer the energy to the board beneath as they are attached with the help of bindings. There are different aspects that you look for in a boot-

Softness or hardness, flex level, looks, lacing systems, heat molding liners, etc.

Sometimes, preference also changes with the style of your game, whether you are looking for comfort or adventure, are you a beginner or at a pro-level. Even the smallest of differences can impact your performance and the complete sport.

One such factor is the lacing styles. It might sound trivial, but lacing styles can affect your game and define your comfort level in the process. This leads to the question: What are the various lacing styles in snowboard boots?

Type of lacing styles

Mainly there are three types of lacing styles:

  • The traditional lacing
  • BOA system
  • Fast lock system

A detailed review of these types will aid you in understanding their pros and cons. It will also help you decide which style is the best for you.

Traditional Lacing System

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As the name suggests, these are just like the shoelaces you have. You have to pull the laces to tighten according to your comfort. These allow you to directly control the tightness of the boots with your hands. Many people prefer them because of this feature as it makes them less prone to pressure points. While these are adjustable, adjusting them requires bare hands.

This can be a task for people who find it too hectic to remove their gloves each time the laces loosen or come undone. And believe me, it occurs often. These laces loosen throughout the day. Unless you are too lazy, you can simply tighten them whenever this happens.

Traditional laces are cheaper than the other kind. They may not necessarily be of poor quality. These are appropriate for beginners as you wouldn’t want to invest a lot in a sport you have just started. Listing the pros and cons below:

  • No pressure points
  • Cheap
  • Easily replaceable
  • Better control
  • Can’t get extremely tight
  • Loose laces over a period

BOA System

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This system involves a dial connected to a cable running through your boot. All you need to do is rotate the dial as and when required to tighten your laces. Earlier, there used to be only one dial. Recently, more systems have come into the market. These include- single boa and double boa systems.

The Double boa system helps target different parts of the foot. This has helped to eliminate one of the drawbacks of the boa system, pressure points. This type of lacing allows easy tightening with a single pull. The cable does not break easily due to its material. If broken, it becomes expensive for the riders to replace them.

Since there is just a dial to rotate, you may not need to remove your gloves, especially in extreme weather. As we come to the end of explaining the Boa lacing system, here’s a list of its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Tightens well
  • Strong cable
  • Can get tightened wearing gloves
  • Chances of pressure points
  • Expensive

Fast Lock System

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Last is the most expensive type, the speed lacing system. These function by pulling a handle that locks and tightens the lace in place. You can tighten the inner and outer boots differently with this system. Though expensive, these laces are of the highest quality. They are lightweight and transfer energy to the board.

The lacing system also allows separate tightening of the ankle, upper and lower foot. Speed laces are best for people who want to work quickly, whether tightening the laces or removing the boots.

  • Superfast tightening
  • Can be done wearing gloves
  • Transfer weight from boots
  • Require good grip strength
  • Difficulty in figuring out their working


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When you go through the above points, you recognize your needs as a beginner or even a sportsperson who hasn’t figured it out yet. All three types can be appropriate accordingly. If you are looking for cheap laces, you can go for the traditional ones. It is logical to be within your budget limit. But, it is also recommended to get laces that tighten quickly and do not create extra work for beginners.

The boa system of lacing works well for people requiring fast tightening throughout the day. These are preferable in places with icy winters when your fingers feel too numb to function. The Fast locking system fits fine in your busy and fast lives. It reduces the discomfort of tightness throughout the boots. You just need to figure out the process.

As we come to the end of this post, let us hope you have gained some perspective on which types of lacing you prefer for your boots. The experience depends on both the skills and gear you choose. Therefore, you must select wisely acknowledging, both your comfort and efficiency. With this, we hope you have a great time and enjoy snowboarding!