The Advantages of Snowboarding in Children


Physical fitness is a commitment that must be kept year-round, even for children. But when seasons change, oftentimes the cold winter draws kids to stay in bed tucked in their warm fleece blankets. But the weather must not be a hindrance to your dedication in driving your kids to remain active. So why not celebrate winter by getting into snowboarding?

Winter activities like snowboarding can actually help decrease the rising number of kids suffering from childhood obesity. Winter time play and snowboarding not only promotes better sense of balance, but also improves muscle strength, increases respiration and perspiration.

Children who are hooked in this snow sport are seen to have good stamina and athleticism, while toning one’s entire body at the same time. Snowboarding is a great cardiovascular workout, so it helps burn the calories from any candy and junk food normally consumed by kids. Burning an average of 280 calories per hour, snowboarding will help strengthen the quadriceps and calf muscles.


Aside from the physical benefits of snowboarding, the sport also helps in improving one’s confidence. A kid rinsing a neat trick will for sure do wonders for his confidence and boost his self-esteem. This also allows him to persevere, and try even harder to perfect his next trick.

With many kids into snowboarding, his social skills will also pose an improvement, as he interacts with fellow boarders.

Snowboarding can also be a good proposition to persuade the young ones to get hooked in physical activity, as snowboarding is a popular sport to those aged 7-17, with more than half of the snowboarding population in this age category. Tone of the fastest growing sports in the US, the exhilaration of riding down the slopes with such freedom is what gets everyone hooked on the sport.

Children are recommended to get into this snow sport at around the age of 7, or even as young as 3 years old provided the child has enough lower body strength to maneuver and control his board. Snowboarding at an early age is great for these youngsters who are still at an age where they are willing to try almost anything.

It is best to enroll your child in a program where they can be trained and taught by professional snowboard instructors. This way, they not only improve on their techniques, but also become aware of the safety precautions when making those runs.