Snowboarding Tricks 2023 – Make Snowboarding More Fun

Make Snowboarding More Fun

You can make Snowboarding more fun and exciting with the different Snowboarding Tricks we have prepared just for you.

In this section, know the different Snowboard Tricks and learn how they are performed.

Each has an animation to serve as your guide in learning how a maneuver is done.

Snowboarding Beginner Course

It is important to learn the basics the right way before moving on to intermediate and advanced moves. Let our Snowboarding Beginner Course guide you in learning the basic moves and techniques.

Aerial Tricks


This is the fundamental maneuver for a lot of Aerial Tricks. It is also useful when jumping over small obstacles. Learn how to perform an Ollie in this section.

An Ollie is one of the most regular jumps using the tail of your Snowboard as a spring. This trick is the basic move for a lot of aerial tricks and it is also useful when jumping over small obstacles. In this section, learn how to perform an Ollie.

STEP 1: When starting out, find a gentle slope with as little traffic as possible. You will need a relatively wide space for this Snowboarding trick.



STEP 2: Crouch slightly on your board, shifting your weight to your back foot. For many beginners, it is normal to look down at your Snowboard as you start the Ollies. You will learn to look straight ahead as you get accustomed to doing this trick.



STEP 3: Start shifting your weight on your back foot to remove the pressure from your front foot. Lift the nose of your Snowboard and use the tail as a spring to get you in the air.



STEP 4: Once your front foot gets airborne, level your board in midair and raise your knees to your chest, keeping the board centered underneath you.



STEP 5: To land, put the nose of the board down. You can also land both feet at the same time. Bend your knees to absorb the impact of the landing.



STEP 6: Once your entire Snowboard touches the ground, ride away and repeat the steps above until you become comfortable doing it.





Air to Fakie

This Aerial Trick involves making a 180-degree turn in the air and then riding a switch.

Doing an Air to Fakie can help you fine-tune your movements in the air. Let this section show you how to make this Snowboard Trick.

Air to Fakie involves turning 180 degrees in the air and then riding backward after the turn.

This Snowboarding Trick is a great way of preparing yourself to get used to moving on air.

This will also give you a basic idea of what it feels like to do aerial maneuvers. In this section, learn how to perform an Air to Fakie:

STEP 1: Find a gentle slope with as little human traffic as possible. Start riding straight downhill on moderate speed.




STEP 2: To initiate the turn, twist your hips and shoulders towards the direction of the spin. Crouch down and remember to shift your weight on your back foot.



STEP 3: Lift your board – nose first and then the tail. Try to maintain your balance while doing this.




STEP 4: Jump and turn 180 degrees.




STEP 5: After the turn, land both feet at the same time. This is to divide the impact and lessen the chance of slipping when you land.




Air to Fakie is one of the Snowboarding Tricks that you must know should you wish to try other aerial stunts.

This is a good exercise to fine-tune your movements and make yourself comfortable in doing spins on the air.

With enough practice and determination to learn, you will eventually manage to perform other advanced tricks.

Surface Tricks

Backside Airs in the Halfpipe


Learn how to maintain balance while riding just one end of your board by doing a Wheelie. This trick will help you in building up power as you lift the board’s nose or tail while riding. Get some Snowboarding Tips on how to do a Wheelie in this section.

A Wheelie is riding with one tip of your board in the air. This trick is a matter of maintaining your balance while riding just one end of your board.

Building up the power and technique to lift either your Snowboard’s nose or tail will prepare you for more advanced tricks. In this section, learn how to perform Wheelies:

STEP 1: Wheelies with your board’s nose up in the air are very easy to do. When starting out, find a gentle slope with as little human traffic as possible.



STEP 2: Ride straight downhill on moderate speed. To initiate the trick, crouch slightly and lean backward.




STEP 3: Shift your weight on your back foot and lift your front foot. Try to hold on to that position for a few seconds. Maintain your balance while the nose of the board is airborne.



STEP 4: Go back to your first position and put your front foot down. Repeat these steps until you become comfortable riding just the tail of your board.

You may fall backward on the first few times that you try doing a Wheelie. It takes time and practice.

You can also try performing Nose Wheelie in which you will be riding the nose of the board. Once you’ve mastered Wheelies, you can progress to other Snowboarding moves.


Butter is making a series of full turns. Make sure that you are already comfortable with turning and lifting one end of your board before trying this trick.

Nose and Tail Rolls

A Nose and Tail Roll is done by using either your board’s nose or tail to spin 180 degrees and thus change your stance. Learn how to perform Nose and Tail Rolls in this section.

Tricks on Rails

Snowboard Trick Tip

50/50 Grinds

A 50/50 Grind is one of the many Snowboard Tricks and moves that you can do on things other than snow such as rails and boxes.

It is also the easiest grind to learn. Get some Snowboarding Tips on how to perform this trick in this section.

Rock-n-Roll Grinds

In doing a Rock-n-Roll Grind, you need to keep the board parallel to the rail while grinding. Make sure to have the right approach, balance, and timing. Know more about Rock-n-Roll Grinds in this section.

180 Grinds

A 180 Grind involves turning 180 degrees at the beginning and at the end of the rail. Make sure to brush up on your Ollies first before trying this Snowboard Trick.

Snowboard Trick

Five-O Grinds

In this Snowboard Trick, you need to make a Wheelie instead of just grinding with your board flat on the rail.

Learn how to make a Wheelie on snow first before making it on rail. Know how to do a Five-O Grind in this section.

Traversing (Toeside)

Traversing is a maneuver that takes you from one side of the slope to the other while descending gradually. In this section, learn how to traverse using the toe edge of your board.

Halfpipe Tricks

Snowboarding in Halfpipe

A Halfpipe enables snowboarders to perform Snowboarding Jumps and other tricks as they move from one wall to the other. Keep in mind, though, that this is not for beginners. Know more about Snowboarding in Halfpipe in this section.

Alley Oops

Alley Oop is one of the basic maneuvers you can do on a halfpipe. In this trick, you need to turn 180 degrees as you go uphill. Check out this section and learn how an Alley Oop is executed.

Backside 720

In this Snowboarding Trick, you need to make two full spins in the air. Get some Snowboarding Tips on how to perform a Backside 720 with the help of our easy-to-follow steps and animation.

Snowboard Tricks can definitely help make your Snowboarding adventure more fun and exciting. Your winter escapade can turn into a memorable and thrilling experience.

Just don’t forget to keep your safety in check whenever you perform any Snowboarding Trick. It will also be helpful to ask for some Snowboarding Tips from advanced riders or Snowboarding instructors.


Wheelies Snowboarding tips

1. What is the hardest snowboarding trick?

It depends on the individual rider’s skill level and what they consider to be a difficult trick. However, some of the most challenging snowboarding tricks include double flips, 900s, and switch backside 1080s.

These tricks require a high degree of technical ability and are often only attempted by experienced riders.

2. What is a 900 in snowboarding?

A 900 is a snowboarding trick where the rider spins two-and-a-half times in the air and lands backward. The 900 was first landed by Norwegian snowboarder Terje Haakonsen at the 1992 Winter X Games.

3. Has 2160 ever been done on a snowboard?

Why is this such a big deal? 2160 is four 360s in a row. That means spinning around four times while flipping the board 360 degrees each time.

It’s an incredibly difficult trick that takes a lot of skill and practice to land successfully.

So far, there have only been a handful of riders who have been able to do it consistently. But as more and more people try it (and succeed), we may start seeing this become a more common trick in the future.

4. What are the names of other snowboarding tricks?

There are a variety of snowboard tricks that can be performed on a snowboard, and each trick has its own unique name. Some of the most popular snowboard tricks include:

-The Frontside Air: This trick is performed by jumping off of the front side of the snowboard and performing a 360-degree rotation in the air before landing back on the snowboard.

-The Backside Air: Similar to the Frontside Air, this trick is performed by jumping off of the back side of the board and performing a 360-degree rotation in the air before landing back on the board.

-The Boneless: This trick is similar to an Ollie, but instead of popping the tail off of the ground, you pop your front foot off of the nose of the board, using that momentum to jump into the air.

-The Method Air: This trick is performed by grabbing both ends of your snowboard with your hands and then jumping into the air, spinning around multiple times before landing back on your feet.


There you have it! Now that you know some of the most popular snowboarding tricks, get out there and start practicing!

With a little bit of time and effort, you’ll be hitting the slopes like a pro in no time. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll even be able to land a triple cork 1440.