Snowboard Types – Different Types of Boards – 2021 Guide

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There are three different types of snowboards available on the market today: Freestyle, Freeride (All Mountain), and Alpine (Carving) Boards. Each board has a unique construction technique and materials, shape, flex pattern, and size. The type of Snowboard you ride should correspond to your particular style of riding.

Freeride or All Mountain Board

Freeride or All Mountain SnowboardOf the three Snowboard types, the Freeride Snowboard is the most popular. Accounting for half of all Snowboard sales, this type of board is a good all-mountain, park and Halfpipe Snowboard that is designed to float well in Powder Surface. You can enjoy carving, catching air, and basically all riding aspects with this type of Snowboard.

Freeride boards have a directional shape and are meant to be ridden primarily in one direction. Having a directional shape means that the Snowboard’s tip is different from its tail. In freeride, the tail is generally more narrow, shorter, and flatter than the tip of the board. With this, the stance on freeride boards is usually offset toward the tail of the board. Still, freeride boards can be ridden Fakie, despite their directional shape.

Freeride Snowboards are usually fairly soft and maneuverable enough for beginners, but stiff enough to hold a fast turn in hard snow. This type of Snowboard bridges the gap between Freestyle and Alpine carving. However, it isn’t as stable as a carving board and it isn’t as agile as a freestyle board.

Freeride 110 Beginner Level 2 Snowboard 1069T - Fit for Rider up to 95lbs by Emsco
  • Measures approximately 110cm long x 28cm wide (43-1/2" x 11")
  • Ideal for beginners, boys or girls
  • Solid composite snowboard construction for durability
  • Built-in slip-in foot pads for easy grip and traction
  • Ideal for snowboarders weighing up to 95 lbs
Salomon Sight Mens Snowboard Sz 147cm
  • 2021 Salomon Sight - Mens Freeride Snowboard
  • Shape: Directional Twin
  • Camber Profile: Cross Profile - Camber between the feet for better control, pop and landing stability. Rocker on tip & tail for effortless flotation forward and switch.
  • Sidecut: Quadratic - A blend of elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, effortless direction changes and fluid edge to edge transitions.
  • Base: Extruded - Offers long lasting glide with low-maintenance characteristics.

Freestyle Snowboard

Freestyle SnowboardA Freestyle Snowboard is wider, more stable, and more forgiving to ride. Also, it is shorter, lighter and (compared with a freeride board) softer in flex, which makes it easier to turn. These characteristics make a freestyle board very responsive to the rider. Consequently, it is the best choice for the beginner.

These boards are built mainly for performing tricks in terrain parks and halfpipes (e.g. spins, air, grabs and riding fakie). Still, Freestyle Snowboards have limited edge grip and stability and are not good for carving turns or cruising fast.

Most Freestyle Snowboards are either twin tip boards or directional-twin. Twin tip boards have a centered stance with a tip and tail that are exact copies of each other, making them symmetrical in shape. Both ends of a freestyle Snowboard have a shovel, and freestyle boards with twin tip design make it easy for beginners to ride both forward and backward (fakie). Directional-twin Snowboards are similar to the regular twin tip Snowboard; only, its tail is stiffer than the nose.

Package-Camp Seven Redwood Snowboard 149 cm-Camp Seven Summit Bindings-System APX Boot 8
  • Camp Seven Redwood RCRX Snowboard : This year brought a complete redesign and tons of upgrades to the Camp Seven Redwood! Centered around an all new RCRX rocker camber rocker story, the Redwood has...
  • Profile : RCRX Rocker Camber Rocker An elongated camber section under foot far improved contact length blends seamlessly with just enough rocker in the tip and tail for a catch free ride in the flats.
  • System APX Men's Snowboard Boots : This ultra durable boot combines superior comfort with peak performance. Simple and classic styling allows these boots to optimize features like metal hooks for...
  • Camp Seven Summit Bindings: Full length EVA base pad creates a plush cloud like comfort while riding in even the choppiest terrain. Either-Or toe strap that can be ridden toe cap style or over the...
  • 3 Year Warranty
Flow 2020 Gap (Wide) Unisex All Mountain Freestyle Snowboard (149)
  • BRAND NEW SHAPE AND DESIGN! Diamond Shape on Tip and Tail
  • Available in regular or wide sizes
  • Freestyle Camrock Shape
  • All Wood Core, Classic Sandwich Construction
  • Absorbind Topsheet - reduces chatter and vibrations

Carving, Alpine, or Race Board

Carving or Alpine SnowboardCarving Snowboards are narrower than freestyle and freeride boards. Their long, narrow, stiff constructions are configured for higher speeds and cleaner carved turns. With this, carving boards allow quick edge turns, swift, superior edge-holding power on hard snow, and good stability for speed.

Also known as alpine boards, these snowboards almost look like an enlarged Ski. They are made in both symmetrical and asymmetrical styles and tend to only have a shovel on the nose. Similar with freeride boards, carving boards are made to ride only in one direction.

While carving boards offer a higher level of performance, they are more difficult for the beginning rider to use and are generally reserved for more advanced riders. Alpine Snowboards are mainly preferred by Snowboard racers for a great day of fresh unridden powder. Keep in mind that alpine Snowboards are configured for riding and carving downhill, not for doing tricks.

CAPiTA Outerspace Living Mens Snowboard Sz 150cm
  • TOTAL RESORT DESTROYER: Engineered for resort riding and all the variables that come with it.
  • CARBON KEVLAR STRUTS: Mixed material technical weave yields an optimal blend of performance and strength.
  • SUPERDRIVE FX BASE: Similar to the SUPERDRIVE EX, the newly formulated FX base is more transparent, yielding clearer, more vibrant graphics.
  • SPECIAL BLEND FIBERGLASS + MAGIC BEAN RESIN: Custom weighted Biaxial top / Biaxial bottom + increased strength and durability. Impregnated with reformulated, high performance plant based MAGIC BEAN...
System Package Timeless Snowboard 153 cm-Summit Binding 2019 APX Snowboard Boots-8
  • The Timeless is a snowboard guaranteed to live up to it's name! Built around the strongest core System has, the 3D Core with Edgelock is full tip to tail poplar with high density stringers running...
  • Construction: 3D Core with Edgelock
  • System APX Men's Snowboard Boots : System is back with their APX Snowboard Boots. This ultra durable boot combines superior comfort with peak performance. Simple and classic styling allows these...
  • Camp Seven Summit Bindings: Full length EVA base pad creates a plush cloud like comfort while riding in even the choppiest terrain. Either-Or toe strap that can be ridden toe cap style or over the...
  • 3 Year Warranty

To summarize, freestyle, freeride, and alpine or carving Snowboards are the three basic types of Snowboards. It is easier to maneuver a soft-flexing, twin-tip, gradual side cut Freestyle Snowboard. On the other hand, it is harder to maneuver a stiffer-flex, directional, aggressive sidecut All-Mountain Snowboard with scores of combinations in between. Always remember that the type of Snowboard you ride should correspond to the type of riding that you like to do, and that both Freestyle and Freeride boards are good Snowboard types for beginning snowboarders.


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