Snowboarding – Training Exercises


Snowboarding spells fun and excitement. Its appeal is so contagious that the number of people who ride the slopes is rapidly increasing every year. It has indeed become one of the most celebrated snow sports.

But Snowboarding can only be a fun activity if your body is up for the job. While people of all ages can snowboard, there is a lot of work to do before hitting the slopes. Training is the key to preventing injuries, riding for a longer time without getting exhausted, and eventually improving your performance. It will also enable you to adapt to the various types of slope and uneven terrain. Here are some exercises and activities that you can do to prepare your body for the demands of the sport:


Snowboarding entails a lot of body movements, so pay close attention to your muscles especially those in your lower body. Leg press, lunges, calf raises, and squats target the leg muscles and hamstrings and are great in improving strength and endurance.

You need to have a flexible body so you can twist, turn, and perform tricks without getting muscle strain and other injuries. Stretching exercises that target your hamstring, abdomen, hips, and calves improve flexibility. Yoga and gymnastics are also great in making your body limber and in improving your balance.

You may also want to consider Skateboarding and Surfing during the off-season. These generally make use of the same muscles that you use in Snowboarding.

Walking, swimming and speed training such as Running are excellent activities that strengthen your cardiovascular system. Improving your cardiovascular endurance will also enable you to snowboard for longer periods of time.

Using the trampoline is another great addition to your Snowboard-specific training program. This improves balance and makes your leg muscles stronger.

Make the most out of the Snowboarding experience by spending more time hitting the slopes instead of dealing with sore leg muscles or trying the catch your breath after snowboarding for only a few minutes. Have an effective training program all year round and you’ll see that you will perform better and longer on the slopes.