Snowboarding Variations – Mountain Boarding


A lot of Snowboarders get really disappointed once the Snow starts melting. For most, it means months and months before they can hit the slopes again. But to some, the melting of the snow signals another off-season boarding – Mountain Boarding. Also known as All Terrain Boarding, Mountain Boarding finds a balance between Skating and snowboarding. Basically a Mountain Board is a board larger than a skateboard, with four large inflatable wheels on suspensions. Some Mountain Boards have brakes to make it easier to slow down and stop.

You are probably thinking that Mountain Boarding must be a painful venture since snow is softer than dirt and rocks. Well, it is! If you often see Snowboarding Helmets, knee and elbow pads, and other Protective Gear in Snowboarding, in Mountain Boarding wearing them is highly crucial. Before you give it a try, make sure to be padded in all places possible and don’t you ever forget to wear a helmet!


Mountain Boarding, The technique in Mountain Boarding looks and feels like Snowboarding at times but there are some major differences. The most notable difference is when slowing down – pushing the side of the board into the slope to decrease your speed like you do with Snowboarding does not work here!

The worst case scenario if you do this is tumbling over with your face pushed into the dirt.

Some boards have brakes; others simply do not have fixed foot straps so you can jump off when you start to panic.

The combination of a much harder surface and braking difficulties will give you the feeling like you are just jumping off a hill – only with wheels under your feet. Quite a step to take!

Mountain Boarding is getting more popular as we speak, and already there are competitions and freestyle riding styles for this Snowboarding Variation.