3 Great Hobbies for Snowboarders

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Snowboarding is a popular hobby in certain parts of America. Its inclusion in the Winter Olympics for the first time in 1998 resulted in professional snowboarders becoming more visible to mainstream sports fans across the globe.

However, North America isn’t the only place where you’ll find snowboarders. The sport maintains popularity in Canada and the snowier northern states such as Alaska. In addition to this, it has followers from all over the globe.

So much so that what used to be a niche sport gained enough traction for oddsmakers to start offering sportsbooks betting on the outcome of certain snowboarding competitions, such as the Winter Olympics.

There are plenty of places online that offer matched deposit betting as well as other types of betting on sites such as bookmakers.com – though matched deposit is often a great starting point due to slightly mitigating risk amongst the inexperienced. Other extreme sports have similar markets when it comes to big competitions. This includes BMXing and skateboarding – two hobbies that we will cover in a bit more detail today.

The French and Swiss Alps are home to some of the world’s finest resorts that specialize in skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. There are a number of professional snowboarders from Europe as well as amateur enthusiasts who take to the slopes multiple days a week.

Snowboarders such as Shaun White gained notoriety for their exploits in competitions on the snowy slopes. Shaun is the most high-profile example of this, but there are other snowboarding stars, such as Olympic gold medalist Ayumu Hirano, and Travis Rice.

1. Skateboarding

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The main sport that shares similarities with snowboarding is skateboarding. There are plenty of professionals in each sport who are more than adequate at both.

Many professional skateboarders can snowboard proficiently; the same applies to some snowboarders when it comes to skateboarding.

Both sports require aerodynamics to achieve optimum flight to perform their tricks. This is essential for freestyle events. Snowboarders and skateboarders both participate in these events in a bid to win prize money and qualify for the bigger tournaments with even bigger prize funds.

The reason snowboarders also enjoy skateboarding is that it is good practice. As both sports are board-based and share a number of similarities, skateboarding offers both an alternative hobby and a similarity that allows them to hone their balance and technique.

Skateboarders such as Tony Hawk have tried their hand at snowboarding. He is probably the most famous example of a skateboarder, as he has made millions of dollars from his skateboarding career. This includes boards, helmets and highly successful console games bearing his name and face.

Whether Tony Hawk could have completed his infamous 900 on a snowboard instead of a skateboard is probably a question that is best left unanswered.

Other skateboarders, including Bam Margera and Rodney Mullen, have tried their hand at snowboarding, with varying degrees of success. However, Bam’s attempt was in Jackass, so we’re not sure if that counts or not.

Although, who knows, if these professional skateboarders were born north of the American border or in one of the colder states, they might have become snowboarders instead.

2. BMX

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Much like skateboarding, the world of professional BMX overlaps and intersects with snowboarding on a few different levels.

Huge marquee names such as Matt Hoffman regularly socialize with professional skateboarders, and he has also lent his name to a best-selling console game.

However, the similarities between BMX or professional cycling and snowboarding are a lot different to the likes of skateboarding.

The obvious example is that a BMX involves two wheels, while snowboards have none and skateboards have four.

The array of tricks you can perform on snowboards and skateboards also differs for this reason. However, freestyle tournaments still take place and operate similarly.

Generally speaking, bicycles and BMXs can operate in varied terrain. You can’t say the same for skateboards, due to their low ground clearance.

Not surprisingly, this statement is even more viable for snowboards, which operate exclusively in the snow.

The fact that you can cover more ground while exploring opens up a whole range of possibilities. Of course, cycling around your local neighborhood might not be as exciting as it sounds.

Jump on a train or start early and explore parts of your city or town that you otherwise would never have visited on a bicycle. You’ll rarely find a snowboarder or skateboarder using their own two feet to travel around.

Why walk when you can glide?

The advantages of getting on a bicycle such as a BMX means that riders can cover more ground and explore. It doesn’t hurt to ride around on a vehicle that helps improve your balance and center of gravity.

Probably best advised not to try tricks, though – leave that to the professional BMXers. The same can be said for them when the shoe is on the other foot. Stay in your lane, so nobody gets injured!

3. Gaming

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Our third and final suggestion involves sitting back, relaxing, and playing on a console or a PC game. Snowboarding can be a gruelling hobby, and even though it’s super fun, it can cause serious damage to the body over time.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that.

Snowboarders regularly injure bones, ligaments and muscles due to the extreme nature of the sport. Our advice is to sit back and relax, let your body heal and get back to full fitness before you get back on the slopes.

Overdoing any activity can cause stress on the body, as well as physical and mental exhaustion. Your body is thanking you when you give yourself a bit of TLC and some time to recoup properly.

So why not take advantage of this time and sit back and immerse yourself in a console or PC game?

In addition to this, the games don’t need to be extreme-sports based. There are thousands of games out there that millions of people play every day. You can play online or just by yourself but giving your brain some time to unwind is ideal for anyone, not just snowboarders.

You may want to try the two games we mentioned before; Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX. There are so many other titles to choose from, though we would be here all night discussing them.

If you join a gaming club or socialize with people while playing online, they could point you in the direction of games you will enjoy. Some of these games you may find more enjoyable, compared to more mainstream titles.

This can include all types of games, such as strategy, career or role-playing.


Despite narrowing it down to three hobbies that are tailored for snowboarders, there are plenty of others that we could have included. You may not think any of the hobbies on the list are suited to your needs.

The beauty of the internet is that there are countless hobbies you will come across. Some of these hobbies may surprise people or be niche hobbies. You could choose chess, fencing, archery, badminton or squash.

Other hobbies may not be so specialized. This could include joining a club, starting a podcast or going to the cinema to watch a movie. Either way, finding the right balance in life is always the key to a more contented existence.