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Snowboarding Stance - Regular or Goofy?

Basically, your Snowboarding Stance is the manner in which you stand on your Snowboard. Beginners should first determine what their preferred Snowboard Stance is. This will greatly make the learning process easier.

Regular Stance If you put your left foot in front while the right foot serves as the back foot, it is a “regular” stance. Majority of riders are regular-footed.
Goofy Stance You make a “goofy” stance when you put your right foot in front while the left foot serves as the back foot.
Normally, you would know for certain what your natural stance is if you have already done a number of Snowboarding moves on the slope. You would also have an idea about your preferred Stance if you have ridden a skateboard or surfboard before.

If you do not have any clue, you can find out what your natural Snowboard Stance is by sliding on a polished floor with your socks on. If you slide with your left foot in front, you are probably regular-footed. If it is the other way around, you are possibly a goofy.

Every Snowboarder has his own Snowboard Stance preference. Snowboarders are inclined to use either the regular or goofy stance more than the other, the same way we prefer to be a left or right-handed. However, you should know how to use both Snowboard Stances if you want to be really skilled in Snowboarding.

Stance Width

Stance Width refers to the measurement between your Snowboard Bindings or the width of your Snowboard Stance. Your Stance Width significantly affects your Board control and in how well you perform.

Normally, your Stance Width is a little wider than the width of your shoulders. But you can also determine your Stance Width by referring to your height.

The table below shows Stance Width measurements relative to height.

Height (Feet) Width (Stance)
5'6" - 5'10" 19" to 21"
< 5' - 5'1" 17" to 18"
> 5'11" 22" to 23"
5'2" - 5'5" 18" to 19"

Keep in mind that there is no definite Stance Width relative to your shoulder width or to your height. You can adjust your Stance Width until you feel balanced and comfortable.

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Article Comments
Sir Vey
Friday 20th February 2009 at 8:45:06 AM  

You have Great Types!

Sunday 27th December 2009 at 1:05:00 PM  

thanks im swichanging snowboards and i for got if i was goofy or regular lol i feel real smart.

Saturday 12th February 2011 at 6:37:29 PM  

Finally an easy explaination. Slid my door a few times now and I''m most definately goofy. Tnx! :))

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