Basic Guidelines and Preparation


    Almost all ski and snow resorts have a so-called “Bunny Hill”. This is a gentle wide slope of 10 to 15 degrees with well-groomed snow and a wide long run out. Often known as a “nursery slope” in Europe, the bunny hill is specifically built for beginners (so don’t worry about the rapid traffic of advanced boarders and skiers). Bunny hills typically have a rope tow or T-bar lift to make it easy for you to go back to the top. Once you’re on the Bunny Hill, it’s time to start the exciting road of learning how to snowboard.

    Snowboarding Stance (Regular or Goofy)


    Every Snowboarder has his own Snowboard Stance preference. If you are a beginner and you really want to be skilled in snowboarding, you should know how to use both the goofy and the regular stance to help you learn Snowboarding easier.

    Understanding the Fall Line

    As you begin to learn to use your snowboard, knowing the fall line and understanding it will keep you in control. This part will really get you into Snowboarding because at this point, you willl learn some tips on how to move down the slopes.

    Rules on the Slope


    This section presents you the responsibility code and safety tips which you should remember in Snowboarding. Always bear in mind that there are elements of risk in snowboarding and that precautionary measures should be done to have a safe Snowboarding experience.

    Once you have set up all pieces of your Snowboarding Gear and have familiarized yourself with Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, and Snowboard Bindings, you are pretty much ready for your first try on the slope.