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We have combined the inventories of the leading online retailers in Snowboarding Gear & Equipment . You can use this section to compare prices and order Snowboards, Freeride Snowboards, Freestyle Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, and Snowboard Bindings:

Snowboarding Gear 08/09 Overview

This section showcases the latest offering of leading product retailers for the wintersport season.

All Snowboards

Choose a Snowboard that will complement your boarding style. Our shop has a variety of Snowboards.

FreeStyle Snowboards

Freestyle boards are ideal for beginners. Check out our shop for a variety of styles, brands and colors.

Freeride Snowboards

This is the most versatile type of all Snowboards - fairly soft but stiff enough to hold a fast turn. Get one now at our shop.

Freeride/FreeStyle Snowboards

This dual-purpose Snowboard can be used for both FreeRiding and FreeStyling. Pick a high-quality FreeRide/FreeStyle Snowboard here.

Snowboard Boots

Protect your feet and ankles from the pressures of high speed turns. Check out the different brands of Snowboard Boots here.


Preferred by freestylers and freeriders, Softboots are the most popular type of Snowboard Boots. Pick a pair of Soft Boots here at our Shop.

Snowboard Bindings

A good fit between your Boots and Bindings is essential for you to be able to ride your board well.

Highback/Strap Snowboard Bindings

Highback bindings can differ in the number of straps and the shape of the base and highback plates.

Flow Snowboard Bindings

Flow bindings are the easiest snowboard bindings on the market to get in and out of - even easier than regular step-ins.