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Powder Whore
Rank: Bunny Hill Material
# Points: 3
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Member since: March 2008
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  • Gender: Male
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  • Age: 45 years old
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Snowboarding Specs
Stance: Regular, Lead foot = 11 Degree angle towards the front, rear foot = 11 Degrees towards the tail. Span between center of bindings = 20 inches.
Style: All Mountain
Years of Experience: 15 yrs riding 12 yrs teaching.
Skill Level: Expert
Favorite Location: Jackson Hole, Crested Butte, Whistler/Blackcomb, Aspen, Panaroma, All of Utah except for The Canyons.
Coolest Trick: The excited look on a new face after they land their first trick.
Short Term Goals: Move to Utah and teach Snowboarding in the winter, Summer?? I made it, I moved to Utah October 2008 Any ideas for a new short term goal?
Long Term Goals: Pass the PSIA level 3 certification exam.
Snowboard: Volie Split Board, k2 Recon Riser, Burton Alps, Morrow
Bindings: K2 Cinch, Burton Hard Boot Set-up, Clicker
Boots: Burton, Lange, K2 Clicker
Goggles: Oakley
Helmet: Giro
Jacket: Burton Shell,
Pants: Spyder Coaching Bibs, Sypder & Arc'teryx Pants
Backpack: Burton and Fox
Personal Details
Quote -
About Me Moved to Utah in October 2008, purchased a season pass at Powder Mountain. Rode a minimum of 12" of powder every day I went out. Powder rules, I made it out 38 times 2008/2009 season. I moved here too be able to ride. That should tell you something about me. Nuts maybe, having fun, hell yes!
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heelside frustrations
4/20/2011 10:18:25 PM
HI tgbmurf, I know your seasons over & I hope you solved your problem. In case you havenít... READ MORE
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