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Rank: Blue Slope Beginner
# Points: 58
Profile has been viewed: 1482 time(s)
Joined as: Snowboarding Member
Member since: February 2008
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  • First Name: private
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: private
  • Height: -
  • Last Name: private
  • Age: 121 years old
  • Date of Birth: private
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Snowboarding Specs
Stance: Goofy
Style: Freeriding, with a little bit of freestyling
Years of Experience: 3rd season
Skill Level: Intermediate
Favorite Location: Mammoth Mountain (so far) Hope to go ride many more resorts)
Coolest Trick: -
Short Term Goals: To hit a 360 before the end of the season. I think I have to change this to a 180.
Long Term Goals: -
Snowboard: Lib Tech 09 Skate Banana 152 (just got it) Custom X 2008 156 K2 Illusion
Bindings: Burton Cartels
Boots: Burton Ions
Goggles: Oakley Crowbar
Helmet: R.E.D.
Jacket: Oakley
Pants: Oakley, Ronin
Backpack: -
Personal Details
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Snowboarding crash videos
2/23/2010 8:42:12 PM
Anyone have any good snowboarding crash videos? Here is... READ MORE
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