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Rank: Site Moderator
# Points: 480
Profile has been viewed: 16017 time(s)
Joined as: Snowboarding Member
Member since: January 2004
Last login: Sun 9th Sep 2007
Personal Profile
  • First Name: Philip
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: private
  • Height: 182cm
  • Last Name: private
  • Age: 39 years old
  • Date of Birth: 3/15/1977
  • Weight: 82kgs
  • Email: private
Snowboarding Specs
Stance: Regular
Style: FreeRide with some very minor attempts at FreeStyle
Years of Experience: 4 years
Skill Level: Intermediate. Pretty solid on the surface, horrible in airs
Favorite Location: Chamonix
Coolest Trick: Miniature jumps :)
Short Term Goals: Get back to the slopes... live in the Philippines now... not a lot of powder fields here...
Long Term Goals: Master some cool aerials
Snowboard: First beginner board I ever bought: Scott USA freeride board... don't even know the type... I need new gear!
Bindings: Burton FreeStyle binding... beginner mistake.. bought cool looking bindings that make no sense for my board...
Boots: Nitro XS
Goggles: pretty cool ones, forgot the brand
Helmet: none... to be honest...
Jacket: Columbia
Pants: Columbia
Backpack: Grivel Small Pack.. many pockets and with a hydropack, ideal for snowboarding
Personal Details
Maximize your Life!
About Me I am the CTO & Creative Director of and as such I am responsible for all the content and systems of our entire network.
My Hobbies I love the outdoors and especially Snowboarding and Hiking. Web Development and the Internet are my only other major hobby so luckily I was able to turn my hobby into my work!
School/College -
Books The Lord of the Rings
Movies The Godfather Trilogy
Music The Doors
TV Shows CNN, Discovery Channel
Website Re-Launched!
5/23/2007 10:31:27 PM
The themes are currently being worked out. We will probably have about 5 themes and we will see... READ MORE
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  • Forum Posts Made: 124
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  • Pictures Shared: 153
  • Articles Written: 21
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