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Planet Altitude In Business?

Monday 13th October 2008 at 12:19:24 PM

Rank: Bunny Hill Material
#Posts: 3
#Points: 3
I see you have a Planet Altitude 2007/08 review on your site but it looks more like a cut and paste from their marketing material.  I went to their site and everything is old and half their gear is out of stock.  Plus I sent them a message through their contact info and posted on their forum (which hasn't had a post since 2006) to see when they will be in stock again.  No reply over a week.  It would seem if these guys wanted to sell gear they would get back to you.  Just curious since you have a 2007/08 review on your site if you actually have been in contact with them and can confirm they are still in business or if maybe that was a review from previous years.

Monday 13th October 2008 at 12:30:27 PM

Rank: Bunny Hill Material
#Posts: 3
#Points: 3
Oh and just to make sure I didn't have a noob moment, I scoured their site for a contact # with no luck as well.

Friday 17th October 2008 at 1:23:30 AM

Rank: Site Moderator
#Posts: 97
#Points: 101

Planet Altitude is still in business you can contact Chris Barrett through email at


Carla Silvestre

Tuesday 29th July 2014 at 11:56:19 AM

Rank: Blue Slope Beginner
#Posts: 72
#Points: 72
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